Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Aftermath -- Looking Back at the A-Z Blog Post Challenge

 I did it! I completed the month and all A-Z blog posts. Of course, this did not happen without consequences and rewards.

This last month has been a blast working to meet this challenge. It was surprisingly freeing and, after a year of writing as a professional blogger, brought me back to fun and the reason I write in the first place. It's not that I don't have fun writing professionally, but writing for my own blog loosened me up again. More ideas started flowing. It helped my professional writing start flowing more easily as well.

I took some chances with my writing over the last month that I might not have otherwise taken. I revealed myself in ways I never had before. This led to some family issues, but it also opened us up to a greater understanding of one another.

I gathered more followers to my blogs as well. So that extends the reach of my writing. Some of my posts did better than others. I titled one "Uncensored" and that seems to have put people off. I think people may have assumed that it had something to do with sex and language, which it only did indirectly. It was mostly about writing truthfully and not allowing your inner censor to limit you.

Towards the end of the month the number of reads began to drop off, but I can't say I was really surprised by that. It can be a lot to read.

I plan to do the challenge again. This time I will do it totally on my own and probably not every day. The whole A-Z concept has given me so many ideas to write about that I want to continue. It is like I managed to pry the lid off of my brain and let out the whole can of worms.

I also have two other blogs that are seriously in need of additional material, so I will A-Z them as well.

So join me moving forward as I tackle Ancestry, Bullying, Comedy, Depression, Earthquakes, Falling, Gay Rights, Hoarding, Internal Voices, Just Joking . . .

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