Tuesday, April 23, 2013

T -- Taking Time

A lot of people ask me how on earth I find time to write. The answer is simple but not easy: I make it a major priority in my life.

I always hear about those martyrs who stay up later or get up earlier to make time. I too fond of sleep for that. Especially since getting plenty of sleep is one of the keys to creativity. I have a very active dream life, so that gives me a great deal of fodder and inspiration for my writing.

At my last job (with approval from the boss) I would stay after work each evening and write for an hour or two before going home. This part was made easier by not having a husband or children, though the  cat was often ticked off by this habit.

In my home the dishes may go undone for a bit, the trash have to wait an extra day before going out, the sheets don't get changed quite as often as I would like, the litter box can require a major excavation. I have a minimum of houseplants because they will die of neglect. When I cook I try to make enough for several meals. They are little bits of time here and there, but it adds up. My home is never going to win any sort of House Beautiful award.

Perhaps the biggest sacrifice is that I don't get to read nearly as much as I would like. The pile of books I have bought is stacked up on the dresser next to the bed. I am approaching critical mass and the risk of avalanche. The carnage could be heavy if the cat and I are nearby. For now reading is a multitasking event combined with the call of nature.

This all is a tall order since I have really strong hoarding tendencies that I inherited from my mother. I often clean with the hoarding television shows are on so that I can remind myself what I must always  guard against. My sacrifices must be tempered by the reality that I still exist in this world as well as the ones I write about. Living in this world does require a certain amount of maintenance.

Writing is as important as breathing to me and I'm not out to hold my breath. I'm not on this earth to be a literary asthmatic either. I write because I must. It is my calling from God. These things require sacrifice.You don't "find" time. You do without other things in life. I don't go to many movies. I don't eat out a lot. To relax I garden where can work out my writing problems as I plant, water or weed. Most of my closest friends are writers so that they know I may disappear for days at a time.

If I could get my hands on Hermione's Time Turner I would.


  1. I can relate to this- I will watch Hoarders just to get me in the mood to clean, because I would always rather read or write, before I choose to anything else.

    When I do clean, my cat protests the loudest. She HATES it. She hates the vacuum, the mop, the broom, and just about everything else I need to clean house. She would much rather sit on my lap and nap, (it's her fav place to be) while my butt is fixed to the chair, and my fingers fly across the keyboard.

    Only other writers understand that burning need to write.

  2. Great post! I'm one of those crazy ones that sacrifices sleep, even though I too love my sleep. However, after reading your post, I realize perhaps I've got it all wrong. My dreams are great inspiration for me too, I don't want to be missing out. My reading suffers a bit too, mostly when I'm in my editing phase.

    Have fun with a-z. :)