Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Welcome to My World!

I thought I'd invite you all along on this journey called life while I struggle with working full-time while writing a book, running my home, dealing with my garden in an obsessive-compulsive way, care for the psycho-cat who lives with me, and deal with the thoughts that will take up residence in my head. I shall endeavor to avoid run-on sentences like the previous one and make you laugh.

Your money cheerfully refunded if I fail to make you laugh at some point.

I took the title of my blog from a column I used to write for the Colorado Daily Newspaper many years ago. There are days when I may just post repeats of my column when I am feeling too lazy or tired to create fresh verbiage for you.

A few words of warning about me: typically, I am funny, irreverent, candid, sometimes caustic, sometimes loveable, sometimes as hugable as a cactus, an admitted bleeding-heart liberal, and have a strong spiritual bent. I am a spinster with a cat, but I rarely fit the mold. I am a recovering hoarder and an old sci fi geek. If you try to label me you will run out of labels.

So welcome to my world. I'm glad you stopped by.

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