Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What Snow May Fall

Okay, the first snow of the season started to fall last night. Certainly not out of the question for late October, but this year very little of the tree canopy had fallen first. The carnage in my yard was incredible. I kept getting woken up in the night as limbs broke and fell. I had to move several large limbs just to get out to my car so that I could make it to work. By lunchtime more branches had come down and my clothesline it a total loss. It sounds like a small thing, but clotheslines are no longer allowed where I live and this one was grandfathered about 30 years ago so that I was allowed to have it. I have yet to check on the roof, but I am not overly concerned since I already had a roofer called to come and check out the roof anyway.

The cat thinks I have lost my mind for ordering such a big cold storm all of a sudden. She still thinks that I am the responsible party for absolutely everything. After all, if I can make food appear in the dish, and poop disappear from the litter box I must possess all other omnipotent powers.

By Saturday the temperatures will be back around 70. These trees have a habit of dropping their leaves all at once, like a Charlie Brown cartoon. People don't believe me when I say this until they witness it for themselves. I will be spending a major amount of the weekend hauling branches and raking leaves. Stand by for sarcasm - It sounds like soooooo much fun. I can hardly wait. **sigh**

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