Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Horizon

I have printed out the first 50 pages of my novel and have laid in a supply of red pens. Now I will go more slowly and thoughtfully with the book. It deserves to be coddled for a while after the slap dash way it came together. There are parts of it in the middle that I am not sure I remember correctly. Since the main character lives alone, I have decided that her cat needs to become more of a character for her to talk with. She won't exactly answer back, but the character can pretend she does. I already have a scene where the cat brings a garter snake into the house to play with and the MC has to put them both outside again. This is based on a true story of me and my cat. In my case she only brought it onto the patio near me. However, she loves to catch moths, some of them huge, and bring them into the house to play with. I have to catch them then and put them back outside. This afternoon I saw her run away from a squirrel when she normally chases them or ignores them. Actually I think she plays with them and the squirrel may have been "IT" this afternoon. So the next leg of my journey begins.

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